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presentation skills

How to ace your presentation whether it's to one colleague, the Board of Directors, bumping into the boss at the coffee machine, or an audience of hundreds.


We study the importance of body language, how to enhance your voice, the power of pauses, pace and examples. Where to stand on stage, how to 'fan' the audience, keeping participants with you, and can you use notes, or not.


ChaxMedia sessions show you the art of keeping the audience engaged.


In addition sessions can cover handling Q&As, how to cope with awkward questions, difficult situations or moments where you simply don't know the answer. 

Kate is passionate about slide design: using your deck as an asset not a sleep-inducing liability. Study how to design the perfect Powerpoint, and then how to deliver it. ​

And, if requested, ChaxMedia offers scripting  sessions. Learn how to write an engaging presentation, which enables you to capture your audience from the opening lines through to the call to action: what to write, when and in which order, how to use pauses, pace and Powerful Words, the importance of examples, and using humour, even if you feel you're not a natural comedian. 


A speech is not a report, and Kate is delighted to teach presentation scripting. Or, if you prefer, she also offers a speech writing service.

  • Spend an interactive and enjoyable few hours learning skills that take your presentations to the next level

  • How to achieve what you want: the audience to leave thinking 'Wow! I must do what our speaker was talking about'

  • Never again leave the stage or room feeling you have not hit your goal 

  • From now on it's "Yes! I aced that!"


"No word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause"

– Mark Twain

"I did it! I did the whole thing brilliantly and with no notes! Thank you so much Kate!"

C-suite executive from UK leading IT firm, commenting on his one-hour presentation to 500 Global CIOs

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