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Personal media training and communications coaching. Ensuring you communicate with confidence.


Presenting to an intimidating audience? Facing the media? Interviewing for an ambitious job? Meeting via a virtual platform? Keen to move leadership skills to the next level? Need a confidence boost? Handling a crisis?

Whatever communications you are facing, Kate has the expertise and experience to ensure your best self shines through at the crucial moment.

chaxmedia Services

Media Coaching

Whatever media you are facing, master the skills required to ensure you succeed at interview.

Presentation Skills

Presenting is an act. The skills can be learnt and in interactive & fun sessions, Kate teaches you how.

Interview Techniques

Not getting the job or promotion you  want? A ChaxMedia session will show you how to win.

Confidence Building

As an empathetic and knowledgeable coach, Kate can help lift you to where you'd like to be.

Acing the Virtual World

This new way of working, virtually, requires a new skill set in order to ace your targets online. 

Sports Presentation

Kate & her husband, sports broadcaster Jonathan Legard, offer coaching to top athletes worldwide.

Leadership Skills & Mentoring

Newly promoted & wanting next-level leadership skills? Have sessions with Kate as part of your CPD.

Speech Writing

Want a high-impact speech that moves your audience to your goal? Kate can write it for you.

"How can you reach your Goal if you don't know what your Goal is?"

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