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Leadership SKills & Mentoring

A new job does not suddenly empower you with the leadership skills that may be necessary to succeed. These must be learnt. Sessions with ChaxMedia can give you the confidence and techniques to understand your staff and lead them efficaciously. 

How to cope with difficult employees, those resenting your promotion, others who are poor communicators, perhaps talking to the Board, or being on the Board. 

Use your CPD (Continuing Professional Development ) budget wisely and book ChaxMedia sessions to ensure you ace your new leadership role. Learn the rules and adopt the mantra: Now Lead!

  • With many years’ experience in communications Kate is adept at establishing what clients’ strengths and weakness are when it comes to leadership

  • She acts as a mentor to many individuals wishing to develop their leadership skills

  • Her sessions are highly interactive and fun, discreet and confidential, allowing clients to open up and describe their concerns, with practical solutions being provided in every session

  • Clients invariably are keen to progress, learn the skills rapidly, and are delighted with the results for both themselves and those they lead


"Theory of Mind.

Possibly the
leadership skill."

"Thank you very much for your session. It was inspiring and a genuine boost to my confidence. I’m excited to implement the strategies discussed to become a great leader."

Senior Educator 


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