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acing the virtual world

Covid19 has radically changed the way we operate, with many people stillI choosing to work from home, using virtual platforms to communicate.

But how to ace presentations, sales pitches and meetings when you're a small box on a screen?


Kate is a specialist in presenting online, and ensuring your virtual comms are effective, persuasive and on-message. Join her for a zoom session and master this new way of working.

  • How to appeal visually in the virtual world

  • How to manage your image, background, body language and lighting online

  • Controlling your audience 

  • Reaching your goal

  • Enjoying WFA, safe in the knowledge you're giving of your best online


"The virtual world offers limitless work opportunities.
If you know how to harness them."

"Kate is an outstanding coach whom I've used for training for both me and my global staff at 1E for many years. I highly recommend Kate's virtual training for media and sales coaching."

Sumir Karayi, Founder, 1E Global

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