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Speech Writing

You have a target or goal you wish to achieve with your next presentation. You need to stay ‘on-message’ and not be dull. You must impress. But you have little time and perhaps not the skills for speech writing. 

So why not engage Kate, a journalist of more than thirty years standing, to write it for you? She has written presentations for, amongst others, founders going public with their companies (IPOs), disruptive fintech executives, headteachers, and a retired nuclear bomber pilot entering the public speaking circuit.

She writes for you, not herself, and with your guidance, creates a presentation that will achieve your aims, keep the audience engaged and, importantly, you will enjoy delivering.

And if you are interested in learning the art of script-writing, and furthering your presentation skills, please approach ChaxMedia for Presentation Skills sessions.


"Presentations are not lectures. They are an art which begins with a superb script."

"Kate has supported me in writing numerous speeches that I delivered to audiences around the world, and were brilliantly received."

ML. Fintech disrupter and Instagram influencer


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