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Successful interviews are undoubtedly an art. Communicate your message, handle difficult questions and remain professional in front of the camera using ChaxMedia techniques.


Kate has many years' experience in the broadcast media and is passionate about passing on her skills.


Techniques are mastered within hours, moving clients from uncertain and anxious before the camera or microphone, to confident and eloquent, acing the interview and delivering the message they wish.

  • Learn to Ace your Goal

  • Be In Control and lead the interview where you wish

  • Develop the skills to deliver engaging and articulate answers, keeping your interviewer, and through them the audience, interested and involved

  • Rehearse with Kate, watch your recordings back, and learn from her positive and lively feedback

  • Face the media with confidence and enthusiasm


"A key lesson is 'be in control'.

If you're not in control, then your interviewer is, and they will lead you where you don't want to go"

"One of the best courses I’ve ever been on. And believe me, I’ve been on a lot."

Senior Partner, Linklaters

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