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About Kate chacksfield

Kate began her career in the broadcast media as a reporter for BBC local radio, then in television for BBC Newsround and as a producer on the Six O’Clock News and Tomorrow’s World.

After many years at the BBC she moved to Sky News as the channel’s Science and Technology correspondent, reporting and presenting for a twice-weekly programme, broadcast in twenty countries. 

After leaving the broadcast media she established ChaxMedia to provide outstanding quality coaching for anyone looking to improve their communications skills. 

Your ChaxMedia coach:

  • Vastly experienced

  • Provides fun and interactive sessions

  • For everyone from younger to older (6-76 is current client age range)

  • Supports clients from every walk of life and from all round the world

  • Including C-suite executives, world-leading sportsmen and women, NHS consultants, Magic Circle legal firms, leading high-street retailers and internationals manufacturers, civil servants, top educators, students aiming for Oxbridge & Russell Group universities, & children facing 11/13+ interviews for private schools



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